Bosch Optimum Diesel Partner

Original Auto Center

Your workshop highlighted in the market

Progress in a competitive market demands perfection

A changing market. This is the current scenario for workshops in a country, in which customers’ expectations are rising continously. The demand for complete service requires constant updating and preparation in view of the growing complexity of automotive systems and replacement parts. To meet the needs of workshops and help them compete in a constantly renewing market, we present the program called Original Auto Center Network.

Your company as part of a national service network

To win over and maintain the trust of consumers, it is necessary to efficiently convey the quality of your products and services. Adopting a modern and professional image which is easily recognized by clients is a critical part of this process. Being part of the Original Auto Center Network – a national network with a standardized visual identity – your workshop will have a greater visibility, generating more credibility and attracting more business opportunities.

Be recognized by quality and professionalism

Being an Original Auto Center means you can count on:

Standardized Facade

A visually attractive identity for the consumer, clearly stating the services offered by your company.

Modern Uniforms

Caution which conveys more professionalism and attention to the needs of clients.

Decorative materials and network signage

Attracting consumers and showing them the products and services available in your workshop.

Quality auto parts

The use of replacement parts with the same quality of the original equipment translates into a signicant advantage for the client.

Presence on the Internet

The Original Auto Center Network will have a site on the Internet, where the consumer will be able to locate the garage closest to home.


  • Receipt of catalogs and pamphlets about Bosch products.
  • Periodic visits.
  • Guiding support in the Bosch guarantee process.
  • Certified trainings by qualified instructors at Bosch Automotive Training Center.
  • Participation in regional lectures.
  • A closer relationship with Bosch’s retail partners, bringing special advantages to the workshop.
  • Participation in the promotional campaigns of Bosch products.